ACOUSTIC SENSE has thrilled audiences far and wide their atmospheric and colourful music – and the orchestra is appearing just as colourful with its line-up.

Acoustic Sense was originally formed in 2003 by guitarist John Sund. Their debut CD ”New Gems” arrived in 2003. It was well received by the critics and was nominated by Danish World Awards in the “Best CD of the Year” category, 2004.

Acoustic Sense has been working with different guest musicians and on “New Gems” they had a rewarding cooperation with the Serbian accordion virtuoso, Lelo Nika – whereas their second release “Absorption” (2010) solely featured the band as a quartet. However on their third album “Reaching Out” they joined forces with the Danish bulgarian inspired a cappella choir Glas and following the band has now reformed as a quintet.

Band leader/guitarist John Sund has joined with forces with Danish/Australian cellist Adam McKenzie, who has brought a new aspect to the band as his is both equally gifted as a classical and jazz performer, Mathias Friis-Hansen – vibraphone, percussion, who also is an equally new force of energy, longtime member Morten Lundsby – contrabass and Danish/English drummer veteran Janus Templeton.

On its musical journey the band is providing for its audience, one will experience everything from beautiful nordic tones, to a hypnotic rhythmic drive – from simple soulful melody-lines to dense compositional passages – from meditative atmosphere to energetic power. Here the music unfolds itself so naturally that leaves genres and categories needlessly redundant.

The members have worked with some of the finest musicians on the Danish and international jazz, crossover and world music scene, including Danish Radio Big Band, Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Clausen, Bo Stief, Shashank Subramanyam, Kamal Sabri, Eliel Lazo, Vincent Nilsson, Copenhagen Jazz Quartet, Morten Schantz, Den 3. Vej, PACE Percussion Trio, Ekkozone and many, many more.
Acoustic Sense members has toured in most parts of the world and the band was part of the Danish pavilion at EXPO Shanghai, 2010.


John Sund was born in Copenhagen. He is a self-taught guitarist, composer, arranger and producer.Main debut at age 18 with the Danish Radio Big Band in a work by pianist Thomas Clausen and with Palle Mikkelborg as a conductor.

He received the Jacob Gade’s Grant as one of the first “rhythmic musicians” (which is normally reserved for classical musicians) for his extraordinary talent and Danish jazz reviewer, Boris Rabinowitsch, described him as a discovery of ‘Ørsted Pedersen’ske’ (NHØP) dimensions, reviewing his debut at Montmartre, Copenhagen.

He has since then appeared and recorded in countless context – including the Danish Radio Jazz Group, Danish Radio Workshop Group / Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Clausen groups, Creme Fraiche Big Band, Debbie Cameron, Vincent Nilsson, Lelo Nika, Ben Besiakov, Bo Stief, Tim Hagans, the south Indian musicians Ganesh & Kumaresh, Shashank Subramaniam, Palestinian oud player Bilal Irshed and North Indian sarangi player Kamal Sabri.

John has toured most parts of the world. From 2005 to 2010 he visited china four times, where he was playing festivals and clubs (2005 and 2007) – touring with his band Acoustic Sense around different universities playing for students (2009) and in 2010 they performed at the EXPO world exhibition and Seaside Festival.

John Sund & Acoustic Sense – New Gems (2003), World On A String (self-titled) (2004) and John Sund – The Open Road (2012), was nominated by the Danish Music Awards in the category “Best Cross-over CD of the year.”

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