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The bands follow-up, arriving seven years later, displays their long stay together as a group with inspiration from their various tours to China.
Eight completely fresh compositions from the hands of John Sund nurtured by the band.

Line-up: John Sund, 6 & 12 string guitars, John Ehde, cello, Morten Lundsby, double bass and Ayi Solomon, percussion.

Label: Gateway Music - Catalogue number: AJSCD-01

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The debut album of Acoustic Sense was released in 2003 and the following year it was nominated in the best CD of the year category for its intense and imaginative atmosphere.
It involves different guest artists where especially a fine cooperation with accordion player Lelo Nika, stands out.

Line up: John Sund, 6 & 12 string guitars, John Ehde, cello, Thommy Anderson and Yadam Gonzalez, bass, Lelo Nika, accordion, Ayi Solomon, percussion.

Label: Cope Records - Catalogue number: COPECD 058

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