Acoustic Sense & Glas

Title : Reaching Out
Release Date : December 27, 2013
Format : CD



The choir Glas & the group Acoustic Sense have received praising reviews for both their live concerts and albums. On this new album “Reaching Out”, they are united for the first time in an unusual cooperation. The result has transformed into a whole new kind of music, that isn’t so easy either to describe or to draw comparisons to.
You will be drawn into an adventurous and wonderful musical universe, which at the same is both unfamiliar and familiar.

John Sund – guitars, composer, producer
John Ehde – cello
Rasmus Krøyer – clarinet & bass clarinet
Jon Meinild – vibraphone
Morten Lundsby – bass
Ayi Solomon – percussion
Yohanier Ramon – drums & percussion
Anne Einsensee – soprano
Marianne Søgård – soprano
Katrina Petersen – soprano
Tine Refsgaard – mezzo soprano
Marte Schau – mezzo soprano
Maria Kynne – contra alto
Else Schantz Juutilainen – contra alto

Track list:
1. First ImpressionEminent Circles (6:19) 2. Second ImpressionLifetime (6:35) 3. Entering (0:26) 4. Third ImpressionEarth Song (9:26) 5. Ship That Passes in the Night (2:56) 6. Shifting Movements (7:00) 7. Reaching Out (7:14) Consensual (4:32) 9. Waves of Joya capella (3:18) 10. Untold Stories (1:15) 11. Farewell Serenade (4:21)

Recorded at The Village Recording engineered by Thomas Vang
Mixed at Dusty Goat Entertainment engineered by Simon Andersen
Produced by John Sund
Cover art and design by Paola Duran

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