Acoustic Sense & Glas – Reaching Out

“REACHING OUT is an original and fascinating work that almost constantly keeps the intensity with great physical impact. Feminine music with muscles you could call it in a contrasting phrase. But when you dive deeper into the music the contrast dissolves. John Sund and his colleagues has created a work that in its entirety, depending on ones disposition, could be viewed as both earthbound and otherworldly music”

– Jakob Hassing – Jazz Special, 2015. Marked with a star for “Pay special attention to this album”.



Acoustic Sense & Glas – Reaching Out

“John Sund acoustic guitar is featured flawlessly. The meeting between the chorus and the guitar in the song Second Impression is nothing less than magic. It swings and bubbles of life and excitement .”

“This is not just a meeting between a choir and a group. It is a musical union where it is hard to define a beginning or an end .”

– Niels Overgaard – Jazznyt, 2015


Live concert at the Culture House Islands Brygge, 2011

“…and recently their follow-up ‘Absorption’ arrived [the bands second CD release] and it was the material from this release which laid the foundation for the concert, including the complex and in certain spots – oriental flavored ‘Agama Suite’ in two parts, where both cello and guitar gave a sparkling performance dissolving sense of time and place.”

The four musicians demonstrates an exemplary communication amongst each other and the synchronous interplay between the two Johns were tight and sound.
They are also blessed with a rock solid and – at the same time – imaginative rhythm-section: [bassist] Morten Lundsby possesses both body and lots of melody in his playing and [percussionist] Ayi Solomon is capable of the rare ability to both accompany and tell his own stories without diverting the focus. And that emphasizes an expression of profoundness.

But in the foreground we have the beautiful and sweeping melodic phrasings and the solid, razor-sharp rhythm, which makes Acoustic Sense an exceptionally, enjoyable and unusual musical experience.

When at its best – it was like magic.

Henrik Palle – Politiken, 2011


Underværket Randers – Amtsavisen, 25 august 2010

..From the very first musical note, one was aware of something extraordinary. Indescribable sound-pictures succeeded by african rhythms, Nordic inspired ‘light melodies’ and something that sounded as jazz standards… And the four virtuoso musicians – three danes and a ghanian – made the whole event turn out to be, not just an extremely beautiful – but also a most meaningful experience.

Jan Sisseck